Sunday Worship

8:00am      Holy Eucharist, Rite I 

10:30am    Holy Eucharist, Rite II

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The Book of Common Prayer

This is the red book found in you pew.  Episcopalians will often just refer to it as the "BCP".  If you ever wondered what an Episcopalian believes then the best place to look is the book.  The BCP contains all the words for our service; the page numbers are also listed in thebulletin so that you may follow along. 


The Hymnal

This is the blue book found in your pew.  It contains songs for the service and page numbers are listed in the bulletin and on the front boards on either side of the altar.  Songs with an "S"before them are service music and are found in the very front of the hymnal.


Wonder, Love and Praise

This is the green book found in your pew.  Songs are listed in the bulletin and on the front boards as WLP and a page number for the corresponding tune.


Holy Scripture

Even though you don't see a Bible in your pews, it doesn't mean you won't hear Scripture! In fact, you will probaly hear more Scripture at an Episcopal Church than in many other denominatons. The tradition at St. James' is to print the readins and include them in you bulletin.  We follow the Revised Commom Lectionary, which is in use in other denominatins, too {Lutheran, Methodist, etc}.

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