Worship at St. James’ is participatory, so we invite you to join in as much as your comfort level allows.  We have found that liturgical worship is a very rich form of worship, and one that the Church has used from the time of the Apostles until now. It requires some getting used-to, but like all things that are truly important in our lives, it is worthy of time and effort.

 The Book of Common Prayer

This is the red book we use for our worship service. Episcopalians will often just refer to it as “The BCP.” If you ever wondered what an Episcopalian believes then the best place to look is this book. The BCP contains all the words for our service; the page numbers are also listed in your bulletin so that you may follow along.  FIND THE BCP HERE.

Holy Scripture

If you visit, you won’t see a Bible in your seat, but you will definitely hear Scripture being read! In fact, you will probably hear more Scripture at an Episcopal Church than in many other denominations. The tradition at St. James’ is to print the readings and include them in your bulletin.  We follow the Revised Common Lectionary, which is in use in other denominations, too (Lutheran, Methodist, etc.).

Worship Times at St. James 

Sundays at 8am (Rite I) & 10:30am (Rite II) and Wednesdays at 7am (Rite II).  Our 10:30 service is accompanied by our choir. Rite I means that it has more traditional language (thy, thou, etc.); Rite II is our contemporary service.